Exploring Ductless Hybrid and Crossover Systems: A Guide for HVAC Professionals

Discover the differences between Ductless Hybrid and Crossover systems and why these innovative solutions matter for HVAC professionals looking for enhanced performance.

Ductless Hybrid Systems: Merging Comfort And Efficiency

Carrier’s Ductless Hybrid systems combine the benefits of ductless control with existing ductwork. Leveraging a ductless single or multi-zone inverter-driven outdoor unit, this system works seamlessly with ductless style indoor units or multi-position Fan Coils—or a combination of both. Ideal for new constructions, home remodels, energy-saving projects and expanded living spaces, Ductless Hybrid systems offer loads of flexibility.

Crossover Systems: A Path To Innovation

In contrast, Carrier’s Crossover system is an innovative choice for add-on or traditional heat pump replacements. This horizontal discharge, variable-speed, inverter-driven single zone heat pump integrates effortlessly with Carrier’s multi-position Fan Coil system or traditional Furnace with Evaporator Coil. The result is a blend of efficiency and adaptability, perfect for modernizing heating and cooling solutions.

Shared Benefits of Ductless Hybrid & Crossover Systems

Efficient Space Utilization

Both systems are designed to occupy minimal space, a significant advantage over traditional HVAC units. While Ductless Hybrid systems adapt indoor units to blend well with existing decor, Crossover systems' horizontal discharge outdoor unit complements a variety of spaces.

Quiet Operation

Advanced engineering ensures near-silent operation, offering relief from noisy HVAC units. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for homes in noise-sensitive areas or those with limited outdoor installation options.

Energy Conservation

Inverter-driven technology enables rapid temperature attainment and consistent maintenance, minimizing energy usage. Customizable indoor unit options and built-in zoning contribute to lower energy waste.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Both Ductless Hybrid and Crossover systems offer cost-effective upgrades to existing HVAC systems. Plus, available tax credits and rebates facilitate accessibility to homeowners.

Differentiating Ductless Hybrid & Crossover Systems

New Construction & Remodeling

The 38MARBQ and 38MGH/R Ductless Hybrid system is tailored for enhanced comfort in new constructions and remodels. With the ability to cater to single and multi-zone applications, it offers many options for design optimization. This system's unique installation approach boosts efficiency and flexibility.

  • Works for Single & Multi-Zone setups.
  • Mutlizone supports pairing 40MBAB fan coil and Ductless indoor units*.
  • Sizes range from 18k to 60k.
  • Requires a new, insulated, smaller line set.
  • Single power source - outdoor unit powers indoor unit.
  • Pre-installed 24V Interface for 3rd party thermostat or native controller (select Fan Coils included).

*Ductless style units: High Walls, 4-Way Cassette, 1-Way Cassette, Slim Duct, and Floor/Consoles.

Add-On / Replacement

The 38MURA Crossover Solution addresses add-on and heat pump replacement needs. Designed for single-zone applications, it provides adaptability across a range of heat requirements. The integration with Carrier’s Fan Coil System or traditional heating equipment ensures seamless operation.

  • Single-zone operation.
  • Covers 18k-60k with High Heat and Standard Heat options.
  • Conventional line set sizes, insulation on suction line only.
  • Separate powering of Indoor and Outdoor Units.
  • Built-in 24V Interface in both indoor and outdoor units, compatible with 3rd party thermostats.
  • Integrates seamlessly with "Residential" style equipment.